Phoebe’s family’s holiday!


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One of my lucky friends has gone on a holiday around the west coast of Australia for 6 months. She left last school holidays (the end of term one school holidays) and is coming back the week before our camp (week ten of term three).

Her family has been to all sorts of different places so far e.g. gorgeous beaches and more! She and her family have been sleeping in their camper trailer, and with her and her sister being together for along time, so far apparently they are getting along well 🙂 (luckily).

If you want to see and hear more about what they have done and are going to be doing their blog address is:

🙂 Hayls

Year 9 Outdoor Ed camp!


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Hi everyone sorry I have not been on my blog for ages! I have been extremely busy with all the things that go on in high school.

Anyway, throughout term two and three we get ready for the year 9 outdoor ed camp, (which everyone adores). It is in the end of term three. What we do to prepare for it is: we wood carve a wooden spoon and chopsticks, we make a bowl out of clay and the same with a plate.

What the camp is all about is it is a survival camp which goes for six days and what we have to do to get cooking ingredients is we need to do all of these survival activities. If we do the activities we get money and then once we have the money we can use it to buy food and all different things. But if you do some wrongs things on camp people can take your money away from you.

There is also something called Elite challenge which is something extra that you can put your name down for; and if you want to do that you and the rest of the people that went into elite have to work as a team doing cahallenges at like 12:30am in the morning and also other late and early hours of the morning. If you go in elite however you have to do all the challenges even if you do not want to so that is one bad thing about it but I think I will have loads of fun and really enjoy myself.

I will explain more about the camp closer to the time.

Bye, Hayls 🙂

Health Project


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This term I am doing a health project on Skin Cancer. We got to choose what our topic we wanted to do but it had to be some type of health disease. I chose Skin Cancer because my grandpa gets Skin Cancer cut off or burnt off him often and I wanted to learn more about it. The reason why my grandpa gets Skin Cancer is because when he was younger he never used to wear sunscreen and didn’t know the dangers of the sun. He now knows and is skin is now very sensitive so make sure you remember the 5 steps when your out in the sun which are

Slip, Slop, Slap seek and Slide.

At High School!


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This semester at high school I got Art and Drama as the two subjects I get given. I was really happy because I like both of those subjects, and next semester I will have Tech and Home EC which I also like so I was happy with any of them. This year is my first year of high school and I am really happy where I am. I have made lots of friends and have kept my old friend from my old school as well. I am in a great home group with all my friends and I have a lovely teacher. Each semester lasts for two terms so I am about to have the first two week  holidays for the year. So next term I still will have another term of Art and Drama and then we will change in term three

High School!


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This year I am starting high school at Emmaus Christian College for year 8. I am sort of excited but nervous at the same time but my mum teaches middle school so I will have her around and she will teach me for health. School starts again next week on Tuesday after we have had 6 weeks of holidays, it will be hard to get back into rutine. I can’t wait to make some new friends as well as keeping my old ones and keeping in touch with them still.

Singing Concert


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Last week on Thursday I did a singing concert  at our school for a end of year concert because we do singing lessons at our school. I do it with two girls called Tori and Olivia we sung three songs called Next to you by Justin Bieber and Chris brown, Usmile by Justin Bieber and Overboard by Justin Bieber and Jessica Jarrell it was so much fun. For our singing exam our over all results was a B+ a C+ and a C I got the B+ Tori got the C+ and Olivia got the C. I can’t wait for me trying again next year for a grade 5 exam instead of a grade four exam even though the grade four exam is for year nines.

Singing And Aural Exam


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This Sunday I, Hayley will be going in the city to do a singing and aural exam! I have been doing singing lessons now for three and a half years and have been having a great time and have been learning lots of new things. I do singing lessons with two other people called Tori and Olivia, my singing teacher is called Virginia. We are all doing a grade four exam and have been practising for this since the end of term 2. We all needed to choose three songs out of a specific book and the songs Tori and I chose were Sixteen going on Seventeen sung by Rolf and Lesel, Thankyou by Dido and Wonderful Life by Lara Fabian and the songs Olivia chose were Stand by me, Sixteen going on Seventeen and Thankyou by Dido. I can not wait till it and in the future or hopefully soon Tori and I are planning to make up some songs and produce CD’s so keep an eye out and hopefully you will hear them one day on iTunes and YouTube! 😀


Pedal Prix


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At school we have a pedal prix team and about 7 weeks ago we did the 6 hour race and we all got two turns of 2 laps each which were HEAPS of fun and had pretty cool and funny experiences and have practises every weekend on a Sunday and in September  which is this weekendwe have a 24 hour race. In the 6 hour race we came 18th out of about 150 bikes. We are hopeing to come i9n the top 10 this weekend. I hope the weather will be better than it looks, at the moment the forecast is 27 and 31 degrees. I hope for the best and good luck other teams!

IB Challenge Project


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This term at school all of us year 6 and 7’s have to do an IB Project which is a project that we do all at home including our homework the reason why we have to do it is we are an IB school which stands for International Baccalaureate. We have to chose something that we are going to make or organise and make a process journal that has what you do each day and put all your receipts in it, you also get a sheet that has all the questions you have to answer and your money limit is $50.00 accept for exceptions.

Here are some examples that people do for their project

* Redo their bedroom

* Make a book

* Organise a holiday

* Book Flights

*Make a blanket

* Do a painting

* Make a model of something

*Make a mosaic

And stacks more things

What I did last year was make and design a cook book and I got a total score of 38 out of a possible 40 and what I am going to do this year is make and design a coffee table and if I have to do one in high school I will write songs and make an album.





Year 6/7 plays for 2011


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Hi everyone!!! this term we have had a busy term as normal but the plays we are performing on Thursday have been the busiest this year.

I have had heaps of fun learning my lines for the play called “Cinders” which is about Cinderella but a different story to Cinderella. I am a lady in waiting.

All of the characters are the Prince, the Queen, the King, Ladies in waiting x3, Princes bodyguards, Wishy and Washy, Granny, Lord Gripping ton, Buttons, Shifter,Shifters assistants, Announcer, Fairy godmother, Dandini, Cinders, Cruel stepsisters, Paper sellers and Narrators.

I can’t wait until Thursday!!! and please leave a comment.

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